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Nick Stambaugh

Software Engineer

  • 🚀 5+ years of experience
  • 💻 Go, Rust, React, and Counter-Strike
  • 🌟 Problem-solving ninja and builder

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Backend Developer

  • 🐍 Python, Django, PostgreSQL
  • 📈 Scalable and efficient systems
  • 🚀 Ready to make an impact

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Data Scientist

  • 📊 Machine Learning & Data Analysis
  • 🐍 Python, R, SQL
  • 💡 Turning data into insights

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A Letter from Nick! 📝

A little about me... I started coding and blogging in public in 2022, just for fun! 🚀

Since then, I have shipped many side projects to learn the ropes and grow my skills. 💪

There are three key principles that have helped me make it happen:

  1. Teach to Learn: Writing my newsletter at Build for Fun has forced me to break down complex topics. 📚
  2. Share the Ups and Downs: I believe in being transparent about my challenges, not just my victories. 😌
  3. Help Others: I give away knowledge freely to help people reach their goals. 🤝

Five months ago, I was just another developer with a dream. 🌟

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